grow your business to £10k/month in just 16 weeks or we'll issue a full refund +20%!

You're invited to join our private marketing mastermind to start & scale your business.

grow your business to

£10k/month in just 16 weeks

or we'll issue a full refund +20%

You're invited to join our private marketing mastermind to start & scale your business.

Dear Business Owner,

If you’ve landed on this page and run a business, we’re off to a great start.

And if you don’t, but are just here to have a nosy, hey too!

We welcome all to this page…

But do you know what we don’t welcome?

Slow business growth.

Ugh, it sucks.

Leads that come into your business but only turn out to be time wasters.

And sales that are slow AF.

At this point, you’re also confused AF as well.

You post content on social.

Cold call prospects.

Heck you’ve even started sending email campaigns to try and drive new business.

But nothing..

No leads. Slow sales. And little growth.

Of course, you don’t let your competition think this.

“Yeh bro, we saw a 391% growth last year, what about you?”

Of course you did, ‘bro’.

Well while we’re here, let’s clear something up:

Your ‘competition’ who is skyrocketing at the moment?.

Yeh, don’t believe everything you read, or hear, in this case.

In fact, as business continues to saturate, it’s only getting harder to stand out.

And that’s before I mention..

Rising ad costs.
Social ‘monopoly’.
Remortgaging your house to pay for 1 influencer.

Yeh, like I said, it’s hard right now.

But what if there was another way?

“Oh, here we go. Another magical promise from a unicorn. Go on, tell me, you can 3x my sales in the next 3 days?”

Well actually…

Look, let’s cut through the BS.

We’re not here to sell you some dressed-up solution coated in peppered sauce.

But we do have an ‘alternative route’ to try for your business.

Aka a solution (I was just trying to avoid that overly-used buzzword).

Yes, a solution.

A solution that is..

(drum roll please)

A sales funnel that generates infinite leads and converts like crazy.

If case you’re not overly familiar, sales funnels are – wait for it – the solution to all of your life’s problems.

Okay, not really but..

A high-converting sales funnel can be the turning point for a business.

Here’s why..

  • They’re automated
  • They attract infinite leads
  • They nurture prospects
  • They even convert them too.

All with you having to do NOTHING.

No spammy outbound messages.
No painstakingly awkward cold calls.
No tyre-kickers who weren’t even going to invest a £1.


A lead-generating machine that converts prospects into profits. Lots of them.

Sorry, I get myself excited.

But on a more serious note..


Sorry, bit aggressive.


Look, sales funnels are one of those things that are ‘behind closed doors’ in marketing.

We all know that we need to use social media, put money behind paid ads and even use email marketing (when you actually use it)..

But very few talk about sales funnels.

And, for good reason.


“How?” you ask..

Let me explain..

We need to understand that all prospects must go through a ‘journey’ before they become paying clients.

Some take longer than others, whereas some are ready to buy right now!

In a way, the customer journey and how you market to these clients is a lot like dating.

Sorry, I just thought I’d add a little spice to this page. 

Anyway, back on cue..

As I was saying before I got distracted..

Oh, look a bird.

Sorry. You’ll get used to my humour, hopefully before the end of this page…

Marketing towards your prospects is actually very like dating.

Similarly to the way you wouldn’t walk up to a guy/girl in a bar and ask them to marry you…


Madness, right?

Again, similarly to the way you would get a big stinking ‘No’ or worse…

 “F*ck off you creep” if you asked a complete stranger to marry you..


Prospects who have never even heard of you are not ready to buy from you.. yet. 

You have to get to know the date… buy them flowers and all of that other expensive stuff.

Six months later? You propose and go on to live happily ever after.

Awh, how cute.

Well, let’s make your business a fairy tale ending. 

Look, I get your frustration.

Outbound messaging Joe Bloggs who lives on the other side of the world.

Cold calling Karen from administration. 

And spending countless hours on sales calls who wouldn’t have purchased your programme even if it was FREE! 

But when you implement a sales funnel into your business?

  • Leads coming in every day.
  • Calls filling out your diary.
  • Sales flooding in quicker than you can handle.

What I’m trying to say is..


And now I want to show you how it works, for your business too. 

But I didn’t come up the lagan in a bubble.. 

I know that you need more than a sales funnel for success. 

I also know that I need to give you more than this if I’m to stick to my word and offer a full refund + 20% if you don’t see a return on your investment in working with me. 

Which is why the sales funnel is the parmesan on the pasta. 

And I’m hungry.

So I want to eat the pasta.


And this ‘exquisite pasta’ you hear me talk about is this: 

You're invited to work with me 1-1 inside of my private marketing mastermind.

A coaching programme that gives you an on-hand-to-help mentor to help you start or scale your business to £10k/month, in just 16 weeks.

Yes, we’re going to get to know each other well over the next four months (how exciting).

And unlike the other 63,921 ‘mentoring programmes’ that exist on the internet, this mastermind is led by a mentor who has an active marketing agency – Beyond.

Over the past few years we’ve helped countless businesses..

  • Develop a social media followers into paying customers
  • Use email marketing to increase AOV & LTV
  • Build & scale their sales funnels
  • Drive endless traffic from paid ads
  • And hit multiple 5 figure months

So in other words.. 

We walk the walk as much as we talk the talk. 

And to save you the £30,000-£50,000 investment that our agency fee would normally cost to do this, we want to share those same strategies for a fraction of this price. 

So to cut to the chase, here is my pitch to help your business:

I will help you start & scale your business online to £10k per month (minimum!) in just 16 weeks or I will issue a full refund on the investment you made plus a further 20% for wasting your time.

In case you’re baffled by this outrageous claim, let me put it clearly to you: 

I’m that confident in my marketing ability to help grow your business that I’m willing to accept full risk and liability by offering a full refund if I don’t live up to this claim. 

The reason why I can offer this guarantee is because the formula and strategy I want to share and help you implement works. 

In other words.. 

If you want to grow a profitable business over the next four months with a guaranteed return on investment, then the next step is to book in for a FREE 30 minute strategy call with me personally. 

During the call we’ll discover…

Yes, you’re getting to get all of this for FREE. 

So even if you don’t decide to go ahead with the mastermind, you’ll leave the call with a clear plan of attack of what you need to do to grow your business. 

Ready to get started? Click the button below. 

– Ollie
Marketing Unicorn

P.S – You haven’t nothing to lose. 

Reason why you have nothing to lose #1: 

You book a call, we put together a sales funnel strategy for your business and know the exact steps you need to take. If you decide that the mastermind is a good fit to help you do this, great, we can get you onboarded onto the programme. If you don’t, no sweat – you won’t hurt my feelings. 

Reason why you have nothing to lose #2: 

If you do sign up, then I have to deliver on my word – helping you get to £10k/month in 16 weeks or I issue a full refund + 20%. This places the risk and liability on me, not you – either you get results or you get your money back!

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